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Studying to become a plumber from home

Studying from home to become a plumber is very straightforward and far more convenient for anyone who has other commitments and cannot commit themselves to full-time or part-time plumbing courses let alone thinking about a two to three year plumbing apprenticeship.

Home studying is becoming very popular indeed with people discovering just how convenient with so much more flexibility in the way that you want to spread your time.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete your course and some home study courses allow up to 5 years for you to complete your course. That’s the great benefit of studying from home you do it in your own time and at your own pace, meaning you can get on with your other commitments and if you can still carry on with your current job while you’re studying and then begin your new career once you have successfully completed your course.

How are the courses laid out?

The plumbing course you’ll receive would have been put together by an expert in their trade, this being a plumber and they would have had years of experience and will know their trade inside and out. So please don’t worry about this you really are in safe hands when you enrol on a home study course. They will be right up to speed on what the requirements are and what level you’ll have to get up to in order to succeed in your plumbing career. The current entry level in plumbing is the City & Guilds 6129 technical certificate and your course will be put together to ensure you have the very best chance of succeeding. Then once you receive that certificate you can then go on if you want to further up the scale and go for the NVQ Level 2 Award (6089) to gain an NVQ you must be working carrying out your jobs and an assessor will come and visit you and will mark you as you carry our different tasks, then, if they’re satisfied they will present you with your NVQ.

What can I expect in my home study plumbing course?

Your course will be in many different sections and this includes all the theory you’ll need. This part of your course can be done from your own home and you’ll also have a comprehensive manual included in your package, don’t worry it’s not at all complicated to understand and what this manual does is it guides you through all the modules that you’ll encounter as you progress through your plumbing course. Once you have successfully completed each of your modules you’ll gain your City &Guilds Level 2 6129.

Each of the modules can be completed in your own time there is no time limit at all and it really doesn’t matter what order you complete the modules, just so long as they’re all completed at the end. You can expect to find self assessments to complete at the end of each module and they are designed to test your knowledge on the module that you’ve just completed. You may also have dvds in your package that you can watch at your leisure and see how experts in the plumbing industry carry out different tasks. The further you go into your course you’ll be gaining a good training portfolio.

Online exams may also be available for you to see how you’re doing.

How do I carry out practical training?

Well you will have to carry out practical tasks. It’s essential so that you successfully gain your level 2 award. Your assessors will know that you would have been training from home and that you wouldn’t have any hands on experience and they will make allowances for that. Practical assessments can be carried out weekly in separate training blocks that will cover each of the modules and you may be able to complete your assessments at weekends, if you haven’t got the time available to do them on weekdays. Then once you have successfully completed you course you’ll be awarded with your City & Guilds 6129 level 2 Award, you will then be a qualified plumber and can begin an exciting new career in the plumbing industry.

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Well that’s it I guess, that’s my article on home study plumbing courses, I hope it’s been of use to you and that I’ve answered some or maybe all of your questions regarding studying to become a plumber from home. Plumbing is a fantastic career choice and very rewarding indeed. So I wish you the best of luck with you home study plumbing course. Good luck!